Monthly Wrap-Up May 2024: Securing a Polkadot Parachain, Launching the Incognitee Test Campaign & More

The Integritee team took May to secure a parachain on Polkadot, and launch the Incognitee User Test Campaign, which was in full swing till the end of the month. We also released “It’s TEE Time” #16, published new articles, and worked on new tech updates. Check out all we’ve been up to!

Business Updates

Winning a Polkadot Parachain Slot
We’re excited to announce that earlier last month, we secured another Polkadot parachain slot! It is valid for period leases 18 to 24 — from September 25th until May 8th, 2026. This achievement marks a significant milestone for our team and will allow us to continue our work.

This opportunity is a renewed chance for our team to innovate, collaborate, and drive meaningful change within the Polkadot ecosystem.

Incognitee User Testing Campaign
We have launched the Incognitee user testing campaign! Our goal is to enable private transfers and unlinkable voting, so you can play away from the crowd’s eyes. We witnessed a decent volume of participation by our community:

🔵 Total moved between L1 and L2: 199,797 PAS
🔵 Total events triggered: 4’260, thereof shieldings: 969, unshieldings: 3’291
🔵 Number of participating accounts: 95

Those who participated in our campaign were eligible to win prizes (500$, 200$, and 50$ in TEER), so congrats to the following winners: @oblo78, @SFSndgPltnID2m0, and @PaoloCapacchio3.

Tech4Trust Accelerator Program: Integritee in the Finish Line
Integritee’s made it as a finalist for the Tech4Trust Accelerator Program! This is the final stage of an amazing journey that took us to interesting workshops, conferences, talks, and other events to showcase our tech and discover other innovative solutions by Swiss startups. The awards ceremony takes place on June 6, 2024 — if you want to join, sign up here.

Content: MiCA, DePINs
This month, we released two interesting articles. The first is about MiCA, and all the other regulations that will affect crypto transactions and projects from now on. If you’re interested in knowing all these changes, check out our article.

We also published an article on DePINs, the new blockchain trend amongst venture capitalists all over the globe. Numbers don’t lie and the fact is that using blockchain technology to create real-world solutions might very well be the next level. Curious about it? Check it here.

Community Updates
“It’s TEE Time!” episode 16 is out on YouTube for everyone to check out, so if you’re interested in knowing what our last chat was about, click here.

Tech Updates

Technical advancements:


  • Switch to Coretime on Kusama

Pallets and Nodes:

  • Upgrade to polkadot v1.10.0


  • Ab/check fees and amounts
  • Add privacy info overlay
  • Script to fetch activity
  • Fefactor to wallet experience
  • Split rules and info and add points
  • Introduce eslint and prettier and GHA checks
  • Add top status indication for unshielding
  • Fix Paseo connection issues after a while, which prevents shielding

For all details, check our repository.

What’s Ahead

After successfully conducting the Incognitee testing campaign, we’re now working on launching the bug bounty campaign and the first beta app to be used by everyone to securely execute private transfers on Paseo.

Polkadot Decoded
Polkadot Decoded 2024 is set to take place in Brussels, Belgium, on July 11th and 12th, and we will be taking the stage to talk about Incognitee — everyone can register to watch it live online. Combining both in-person and virtual experiences, this year’s edition of Polkadot’s international flagship event will serve as a festival celebrating all facets of Polkadot and Kusama.

Attendees can expect a rich program featuring talks, panels, workshops, demos, fireside chats, and more. The program will be spread across five stages, a networking area, dedicated breakout rooms, and ecosystem showcase stations for ecosystem teams and builders to showcase their tech.

Tech updates
More features around our Attesteer, our Teeracle, and the privacy Sidechains will be released in the upcoming weeks.

• • •

About Integritee

Integritee is the most scalable, privacy-enabling network with a Parachain on Kusama and Polkadot. Our SDK solution combines the security and trust of Polkadot, the scalability of second-layer Sidechains, and the confidentiality of Trusted Execution Environments (TEE), special-purpose hardware based on Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) technology inside which computations run securely, confidentially, and verifiably.

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