2023 Integritee Content: Giving Back to Our Community

In 2023, our content team took on the challenge of creating and launching powerful and insightful content to showcase our technology and the work we do. We published a total of 35 original articles and launched two seasons with 12 videos explaining our tech and how it works.

Our videos and articles have an educational purpose and mainly focus on our tech and frameworks, explaining how they’re structured, and how they can be deployed. Scroll down and get a rundown of all the educational content we published last year.

Educational Video Series

The first season focused on one of the main components of our network: Trusted Execution Environments. “All You Need to Know About TEEs” started with a high-level explanation of what these TEEs are, and became more detailed as we talked about different technologies, use cases, ways to use it, but also security principles and limitations of this hardware. Take a look at our season 1 videos:

In season 2, we dove into more technical aspects of our services, products, and what the Integritee network is made of. We explained what L2 sidechains and what TOCWs are, how the Teeracle is structured and what’s it for, among other things. You can watch the entire season here:

Educational Articles & Industry Insights

Last year, besides partnerships and product release announcements, we also published several educational articles and industry insights. They required research and delved into interesting subjects and concepts regarding blockchain and real use cases for this technology. Scroll through our original articles below: