OVH Releases Whitepaper on How Integritee Is Re-Inventing Blockchain Security & Confidentiality Using Intel SGX Technology & OVHcloud

OVH is launching a global campaign highlighting its focus on the blockchain industry, and Integritee as a strong partner within the field. Looking at the numbers, it’s easy to understand why Europe’s leading cloud provider decided to make its move into blockchain: the technology has become increasingly popular, particularly with respect to crypto trading, decentralization, and software-building purposes. According to recent projections, the market is forecasted to reach $60 billion next year with a growth rate of 85%. At the same time, studies show an increased preference to move to the cloud for collaboration, ease of accessibility, and many other purposes.

To kickstart its global campaign, OVH has released a whitepaper explaining its main reasons to move into the growing blockchain industry and to partner up with Integritee: “The whitepaper aims to inform and educate blockchain SaaS editors/integrators, Blockchain creators, CTOs, and IT professionals about why OVHcloud infrastructure and services are the best choices for blockchain creators.”

By getting into the blockchain market and partnering up with Integritee and Intel, OVH is able to deliver high-performance, scalable cloud services with guaranteed privacy for Web3 developers and companies in the blockchain industry. In spite of being a revolutionary technology, blockchain still faces some obstacles, especially when it comes to scalability, privacy, and costs. To tackle these challenges, OVH, Intel, and Integritee have joined forces: By leveraging OVH’s infrastructure, Intel SGX, and Integritee’s software solution, you can benefit from the capacities, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of cloud computing, while you can be sure that the cloud provider has no access to the data — even while in use. This enables a whole new generation of powerful Web3 applications.

Cloud computing & blockchain = empowered solution

If you are interested in knowing more about OVH’s offering in the blockchain industry and its powerful partnership between OVH, Intel, and Integritee, read the full whitepaper here and the official announcement here.