Monthly Wrap-Up August 2023: Launching the Attesteer, Encointer’s PoP Badge & More

Besides releasing three new videos of our educational series, we finalized another product and launched the Attesteer, our novel remote attestation service providing public auditability. Keep scrolling and discover what we’ve been up to in August.

Business Updates

The Attesteer: A Novel Remote Attestation Service

Our novel remote attestation service empowers developers and companies who are leveraging TEEs with the benefits of decentralization. By using a public blockchain to verify the remote attestation of TEEs, we are breaking ground towards true public auditability. Long gone are the days when you had to trust your cloud provider. Want to know more about our recently launched solution? Read the full article on it here and check the specs.

Encointer’s New Proof-of-Personhood Badge

It’s likely that everyone has heard the words “bots” or “fake news”. All around the world, people get paid to either install bots that act as humans online, write fake reviews, alter vote results, or participate in some fraudulent activity of some kind. Web3 project Encointer is coming up with something to help mitigate these: enter their proof-of-personhood badge.

Built on Integritee, it basically authenticates the ownership of an online account, linking it to the owner. With all the necessary info stored and processed via blockchain, people can receive a badge on their social media accounts to prove that they are controlled by a unique individual. Read all about it here.

Hackernoon Startups of the Year

Integritee is on the run to win Hackernoon’s Startups of the Year 2023! We need your support, so don’t miss out on the chance to help us reach the top. Everyone can vote online and ballots are open until December 31 — there’s still time. This is HackerNoon’s annual flagship event, where more than 35,000 startups across 4200+ cities participate in a bid to be crowned the best startup in their city. Vote for us!

Freshly Baked Content

From compelling and informative videos to poignant and thought-provoking articles, our content team has been typing away and creating cool content. Last August, we published three videos from our TEE series, where we explain what these are, and how they work, but also explore some of the most popular technologies and lay out some use cases — check them here.

In the middle of the month, we published an article that discusses Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), delves into their main issues, and benefits, and explores concepts such as fairness, privacy in voting, and many other things. Didn’t get the chance to read it yet? Here you go.

Tech Updates

Release of the Integritee SDK v0.12.0

A new release of the Integritee SDK was published with changes covering the client, core, Sidechains, the Teeracle, and the Attesteer. Check out the latest release notes in detail here.

Besides this, our tech team worked on upgrading our chain to the latest Polkadot release v0.9.42, which was successfully completed. A new raw version dashboard was released to make it easier to track remote attestations on-chain.

For all details, check our repository.

What’s Ahead

Integritee at Sub0 2023

Sub0 is happening again in September! CTO Alain Brenzikofer will be at the upcoming edition in Lisbon, on September 19 and 20. Register here so you don’t miss Alain’s talk! If you’re interested in getting to know the team and the project, reach out via email or our community channels — let’s connect!

A Fresh New Look

All we can say is that Integritee is getting a new face, fresher and brighter looks. We will soon reveal everything, so stay tuned for some hot news.

Tech updates

More features around our Attesteer, our Teeracle, and the privacy Sidechains will be released in the upcoming weeks.