Monthly Wrap-Up June 2023: Polkadot Decoded, New Add-Ons and More

Last month, we were busy with tech and community updates, taking the time to work on the development of our products and features. We’ve also attended one of the world’s most important Polkadot conferences. Want to know more? Keep reading!

Business Updates

The Teeracle as an Add-On on the Securitee Platform

We released our Securitee client portal earlier this year and since then, our team has been working on new exciting features. This includes exclusive add-ons that can be easily purchased along with the Securitee package you wish to acquire.

Last month, we launched the Teeracle — as an add-on on the Securitee side. This means both Web2 and Web3 companies and developers can now make use of Integritee’s trusted oracle to retrieve data from the real world in a secure way. We guarantee that the code and data loaded are protected with respect to their confidentiality and integrity. Want to know more about this new feature? Read our recently published article.

Polkadot Decoded

Polkadot Decoded 2023 in Copenhagen Denmark was a blast with dozens of highly interesting presentations and talks about the State of Polkadot, its ecosystem with many projects, the enterprise adoption by Vodafone, Deloitte, and the Airport Heathrow, and thousands of participants and viewers worldwide.

We have been able to present our 2nd Layer Sidechain Technology and the concept of private Sidechains for all Polkadot chains and talk to many people to gather feedback or discuss possible joint opportunities. It was a successful event with many new updates to come in the near future.

Zealy Community

Last month, we announced our presence on Zealy — we’re now creating tasks and fun activities, including bounties, so be sure to check it out and become an active member of our Zealy community. Since the launch, over 100 members signed up to actively start completing the defined tasks and earn points.

Tech Updates

Our Dev team was mainly working on the integration of the new DCAP attestation into the Attesteer and the usage of the DCAP with the TEEracle framework to make it work in combination with the Securitee Infrastructure and make it more robust for productive use. For all the details, check our repository.

What’s Ahead

New content in the pipeline

According to stats, what our community is more eager to see is educational content that explores concepts regarding Integritee’s services and the tech we use. Well, we heard you and have been busy creating some cool content that will be released soon! Stay tuned to check out what we’ve been up to.

TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award

If you believe in Integritee and want to support us, don’t forget to vote for the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award. The ballots are open till July 23rd, so hurry up and cast your vote through LinkedIn by following the link here and clicking the vote button.

Tech Updates

Upgrading to the Polkadot release v.0.9.42 and releasing our Sidechain SDK v.0.12.0 is imminent.

Major changes to the new Polkadot release include the OpenGov Governance and Foreign Assets on Statemint (Now Asset hub), which will host Tokens and introduce a native DEX. Our Sidechain SDK v.0.12.0 will be based on the new Polkadot release and will support DCAP attestation, 3rd party target L1 chains, and subscription to events within the enclave.

Product updates

The release of the Attesteer is upcoming and will bring new opportunities to the Integritee Network, so stay tuned for the official announcements.