Monthly Wrap-Up May 2023: Governance Platform Launch, New Environments and More

Last month, we were busy launching our new government platform, setting up new environment features on the Securitee side, and much more. Keep scrolling to discover all that we’ve been up to in May!

Business Updates

Launching Integritee’s Governance Platform

We are excited to announce we’ve launched a governance platform with Polkassembly. This is a very interesting tool because it allows our community holding tokens to directly interact with the network via the platform. Everyone registered can now comment on forums, and contribute to the voting system when it comes to issues regarding Integritee. If you want to know more about its features, read this article and start having a say in it now, by accessing here.

The Power of Bounties

The launch of the governance platform is bringing something else: bounties and the chance for developers to work in exchange for TEER tokens. This is becoming a popular freelance work method and will soon be available on our platform. Learn what bounties are and how developers can benefit from them by reading our article.

Joining Zealy

We are already pretty active on social media channels, including LinkedIn, Telegram, Twitter, Discord, and Reddit, so we thought we should become part of one more! We’ve got into Zealy, so if you are into earning points by actively supporting Integritee and telling the world about us, this is a great chance to do so. If you’re Check us out!

Tech Updates

With a new Integritee developer release 0.12.0, the Teeracle is now supported via Dockerhub and will soon be fully available on the Securitee infrastructure. We have been releasing new environments on our client portal, and to better understand what this means, check our post on it.

Also, the Attesteer is almost ready to launch with the last remaining issues solved to also support the new attestation method DCAP to provide a truly decentralized attestation service for TEEs. For all details, check our repository.

What’s Ahead

Integritee at Polkadot Decoded 2023

We can’t believe it’s been a year already since Polkadot Decoded in Berlin! CEO Waldemar Scherer, and CTO Alain Brenzikofer will be at the upcoming edition in Copenhagen, on June 28 and 29. We’ve been developing interesting projects which Alain will introduce. The talk will be live online, so register here and don’t miss a thing! If you’re interested in getting to know the team and the project, reach out via email or our community channels — let’s connect!

Vote Now for the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award

The TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award voting is now open and Integritee is listed. If you feel our project makes a difference, vote for us. The ballots are open until July 23 and the winners will be announced later in September.

Tech updates

Upgrading to the Polkadot release v.0.9.42 and releasing our Sidechain SDK v.0.12.0 is imminent. Major changes to the new Polkadot release include the OpenGov Governance and Foreign Assets on Statemint (Now Asset hub), which will host Tokens and introduce a native DEX. Our Sidechain SDK v.0.12.0 will be based on the new Polkadot release and will support DCAP attestation, 3rd party target L1 chains, and subscription to events within the enclave.