Integritee Launches New Governance Platform with Polkassembly

Zurich, Switzerland — May 9, 2023

Integritee is launching a governance platform that will be available for everyone on Polkassembly. This powerful tool will enable TEER token holders to vote on important matters regarding the Integritee network, as we leverage the benefits of community and on-chain governance. This tool allows for much easier and faster voting processes since the interface is user-friendly and frequently updated.

Key features of Polkassembly Governance platform

The platform is mostly designed for voting purposes, but it is fitted with other features, including a calendar where you can see all the major upcoming events such as voting deadlines, parachain auctions, referendums, and other tasks.

There’s also a Discussions tab, where you can see what projects have been talking and debating about, as well as participate in the conversations – this is also where projects post about relevant ideas – it works as a starting point for several new issues. Developers post ideas and theories that can become more or less popular and eventually even generate a new product, or service.

On-chain proposals can include everything, from technical subjects, off-chain token allocation, and even help communities in need, for example. The on-chain referenda tab follows the same logic. On the right side, you can see the entry’s status and other details, such as when it was created, and how many comments it has, among other things.

Integritee’s governance platform

To access the Integritee governance platform, click here. You’ll be able to see what referendums and issues are open for voting, vote on major decisions regarding the project, and more.