Monthly Wrap-Up April 2023: Tech Upgrades, Partnerships & Upcoming News

We spent April focusing on establishing new partnerships, updating our services and products, preparing for the release of new things, and more. Read through and find out what the team did last month.

Business Updates

Introducing Integritee’s Privacy Sidechain at Polkadot Now India

Back in March, we told you about how we are developing a privacy sidechain for all Polkadot and Kusama chains. In April, Integritee’s co-founder and CTO, Alain Brenzikofer, was at Polkadot Now India to introduce the concept to the community — the idea was received with interest and curiosity, allowing for debate regarding the element of privacy when it comes to a transparent mechanism by default.

We’ve given practical examples of how privacy can have negative consequences, like voting contexts: when such a process is transparent and available to all, it can lead to conformity, obedience, and submission-like behaviours. If you want to know more about Integritee’s privacy sidechain, watch the full talk here.

Enclaive partnership

Securitee is ready to deliver state-of-the-art Confidential Computing solutions. Last month, we established a partnership with enclaive, a company offering secure applications (to deploy on CC infrastructure) such as encrypted databases, secure development runtimes, network security, and more.

Together, we are offering ready-to-use TEE-secured solutions. The partnership will allow customers to directly deploy enclaive’s containerized applications on Securitee’s infrastructure, thus covering everything you’ll need. Here’s everything you need to know about this partnership.

Blockchain-Based Digital Twins

Ever wondered what digital twins are and what they’re used for? AutoCAD being born was probably one of the best things that happened to architects — they’re now able to digitally replicate buildings and other infrastructures without having to build physical models. We’ve seen great advancements since then, and nowadays, you can still replicate houses and roads, but basically whatever you want: enter digital twins.

This concept is used in a wide range of fields, namely logistics, architecture, engineering, but also medical research, and others. We took a dive into the subject and prepared an article that sheds some light on the advantages and downsides of digital twins. Want to know more? Read the full article.

Tech Updates

Our tech team was mainly working on refactoring the SDK to make it more developer-friendly, solving some issues with the TEERacle to make it more stable, upgrading to a new Polkadot version v0.9.39, and preparing everything for the Attesteer launch. Besides that, the planning and design of the Privacy Sidechain for all parachains are progressing well.

What’s Next

April Recap Podcast

May 4th celebrates all things Star Wars globally, but it’s also when our next “It’s Tee Time” takes place. Our previous session had lots of people joining in, and the community showed interest in it by posting their questions on our Discord chat. If you’d like to hear from Integritee’s CEO, Waldemar Scherer, or Board Advisor, Sergei Medvedev, don’t miss out on the upcoming podcast! Register here.

Securitee Environments

We’ve been setting a series of updates to provide users with an increasing number of new environments. Different environments are designed for different use cases and should speed up the development process.

Release of the Attesteer

One of Integritee’s core technology are Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs). Proving they’re authentic and the data in them running properly happens through remote attestation. At Integritee, we are developing a novel decentralized attestation service called the Attesteer — once connected, it can verify a confidential process and you can publicly demonstrate it without ever revealing sensitive data. We will be releasing news on this soon.


Partnerships are an essential aspect of blockchain technology because it fosters interoperability and tech advancements. We have been working with both Web3 and traditional companies to bring new exciting features to our network, but also add value to businesses.

Updates of the Privacy Sidechain

We are happy to see there’s been some discussion regarding our privacy sidechain for all Polkadot and Kusama chains. Integritee’s tech team has been researching and working on this feature. If you want to know more about this subject, check our article on it. To get in the discussion, follow this link.

Governance platform

Governance is an important aspect of blockchain projects: who has decision power and the final saying? How are decisions made and how’s voting involved in the process? All this is part of each project’s governance system. We are currently working on the Integritee governance platform, designed for TEER token users to decide on different aspects, such as tech updates, but also participate via collaboration.