Monthly Wrap-Up March 2023: Product Releases, a Privacy Sidechain & More

Our team is proud of its accomplishments, be it the release of new products and services, or the partnerships forged over these past months. Here’s a recap of all that’s happened in March.

Tech Updates

Teeracle: Welcoming a New Oracle Framework

Our tech team has been working hard these past months preparing the products for launch, and we’re happy to let you know they’re finally ready. The first one we released was the Teeracle, a framework specially designed to build TEE-based oracles. Integritee’s Teeracle framework is relevant to everyone running a DApp that needs information from an external source as well as to everyone who wants to offer market or IOT data in the Polkadot ecosystem. Our framework also fosters interoperability between projects.

Official Launch of the Securitee Platform

We are excited about yet another milestone reached: the official launch of the Securitee Confidential Computing Platform! Specializing in providing cybersecurity solutions through cutting-edge technology, our subsidiary now enables you to book and manage the secure infrastructure required to leverage Confidential Computing tech. Securitee’s client portal is now up and running, offering developers and companies enhanced security of their code, applications, databases, and much more. Learn about our solution here, and check out our available options at

Business Updates

Introducing a Privacy Sidechain for all Polkadot Chains

Integritee is proposing a privacy sidechain for the Dotsama ecosystem in order to enable private transactions, thus eliminating the inherent linkability of blockchain technology. Transparency can be great sometimes, but it’s not suitable for every project or use case. Take cross-collaboration with sensitive data, for instance: you won’t want everything to be out in the open as it normally happens when building with blockchain. It would enhance network security, benefit some use cases that need privacy and confidentiality to operate, and allow law enforcement access when needed — hacker attacks, digital heists, etc. We have asked for our community’s input on it and are submitting the proposal soon. To know what’s it all about, read our article on Integritee’s privacy sidechain.

It’s TEE Time

Our monthly podcast seems to have gained quite some fans, with increasingly more participants each time. After the date and time for the next session are set, we invite everyone to send us questions on the project, future plans, tech updates, and more. Last time, we had an interesting talk followed by answers to the community’s questions and next time won’t be different.

If you have interesting thoughts to share, don’t hesitate to hit us up via our Discord channel or Twitter. Our episodes usually take place at the beginning of every month with announcements containing concrete dates and times.