Securitee & enclaive Team Up to Offer Ready-To-Use TEE-Secured Solutions

Berlin, Germany — April 4, 2023

Securitee — Integritee’s subsidiary — and enclaive are partnering to offer a unique Confidential Computing solution enabling enterprises to leverage Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) in order to enhance their cyber security standards. The partnership will allow customers to directly deploy enclaive’s containerized applications on Securitee’s infrastructure, thus covering everything you’ll need.

With the combined offering, customers can now use fully secured applications without the need to maintain the required infrastructure and without development efforts on their end. Customers will be able to choose from a wide range of secure applications. Be it a database, a development environment, IoT communication, or a CMS — we have it all.

Over the last years, both companies have developed complementary Confidential Computing solutions with a focus on different parts of the value creation chain. Securitee provides secure server infrastructure together with a software management system that enables the deployment of applications running inside a TEE. The infrastructure offering leverages scalable bare metal servers with enhanced security features based on Intel SGX technology.

Enclaive offers the secure applications to deploy on this confidential infrastructure, such as encrypted databases, secure development runtimes, network security, etc. These containerized applications shield data and application code within a fully confidential and auditable black box, also known as an “enclave”. Leveraging confidential computing, data and code are completely isolated from the infrastructure layer, keeping them secured at rest, in transit, and most notably in use.

The two companies have combined their solutions to create a strong holistic Confidential Computing platform: Conventional applications (e.g., databases, CMS, machine learning tools) secured inside TEEs through enclaive and readily deployed on the right infrastructure with Securitee.

This partnership will make it even easier and faster for companies to deploy their critical workloads in a trustworthy environment leaving the control they need at the tip of their fingers

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Gakjek, CTO and Co-Founder of enclaive

Excited about the joint offering? Try it out and stay tuned for the upcoming release.

About Securitee

Securitee is a cyber security company at the forefront of some of the most cutting-edge technologies. Having spent the last years in research and development, we are ready to bring our solution to the market. We have a foundation of patented technology, and a strong partner network and seek to become a name synonymous with cyber and data security. The Berlin-based company is a subsidiary of Integritee AG, the development entity behind Integritee Network, enabling secure and compliant processing of sensitive data in the Web3 world.

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About Enclaive

Enclaive turns the public cloud into your private cloud and helps your business achieve data sovereignty and securely process data while in use at any time. Confidential containers from enclaive effortlessly enable enterprises to run their workloads in the public cloud. Enclaive leverages the strongest security-hardening technologies to make the cloud the safest and privacy-compliant harbor for storing and processing your most sensitive workloads.

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