Securitee Launches Confidential Computing Platform to Protect Data in Use

Securitee’s cyber security solution leverages Confidential Computing, a cutting-edge technology that is based on Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs). TEEs are hardware-encrypted areas of the main processor, in which data in use is protected. In simple terms, a TEE can be envisioned as a safety deposit box for digital assets. Securitee has launched a client portal that enables to book and manage the secure infrastructure that is required to leverage Confidential Computing technology. If you are seeking to add security and confidentiality to data services or applications, our platform is the way to go.

The cyber security market offers countless options to secure data, but few cyber security solutions cover data in use, which is what Confidential Computing focuses on. The lifecycle of data is divided into (1) data at rest, (2) data in transit, and (3) data in use. The latter, while in RAM and during computation, has historically not been covered by cyber security solutions, as data is needed in clear text (i.e., in non-encrypted form) at this stage. By harnessing the power of TEEs, Securitee’s Confidential Computing infrastructure offers an extra layer of security for data throughout its entire lifecycle.

Securitee’s Offer

Securitee’s client portal offers a platform to manage a scalable and secure infrastructure to deploy encrypted, dockerized applications that run inside a TEE. You can transform any application into an encrypted container yourself by leveraging our user guides or running available pre-configured and ready-to-deploy containers offered on our platform. For example, we are providing a secure Redis Database as an encrypted container that can be deployed on our infrastructure within just a few simple steps. We will soon release other deployable containers, including other database applications, development software, and Web3 environments, such as confidential blockchain nodes and trusted oracles.

Securitee’s cyber security solution is relevant to any company dealing with sensitive data across a broad range of industries, such as insurance, banking & financial services, the public sector, med- and biotech, pharma, and healthcare, research, data & analytics, IoT & manufacturing, etc.

Why Choose Securitee?

Securitee offers a strong and scalable secure infrastructure. Reliable, flexible, and customizable, it allows you to deploy any application as an encrypted container. The secure infrastructure comes with pre-installed secure Kubernetes software, guaranteeing an easy, well-coordinated, and smooth deployment of any encrypted container. The setup is also highly scalable, as you can add servers at any later point in time if more server capacity is required.

Another great benefit of choosing Securitee is the fact that your data is stored in EU-located servers. Our subsidiary has partnered up with the largest European cloud provider, OVHcloud. Their bare-metal servers are based in Germany and other European countries — a significant advantage over non-European companies in the prospect of GAIA-X. You can rest assured that your information strictly follows the GDPR regulations. Thus, our EU-hosted Confidential Computing solution is a great alternative to offerings in other jurisdictions.

Integritee & Securitee: The Perfect Combination

Developers using Integritee’s tools to build secure blockchain solutions can greatly benefit from Securitee’s offering. Build your decentralized Web3 application with Integritee’s SDK and start immediately with a scalable and ready-to-use infrastructure provided by Securitee to make the first steps with your TEE-based application. Securitee provides Confidential Computing-ready servers for any sidechain and/or oracle that is built on Integritee’s network. Integritee sidechains and oracles run smoothly on Securitee’s infrastructure and benefit from enhanced security and scalability. Want to know more about our fully integrated solution? Read more here.