Introducing Integritee’s Teeracle: A Framework to Build TEE-Based Oracles

Trusted oracles built with our Teeracle framework operate inside Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) – secure areas of a main processor, which guarantee that the code and data loaded inside the TEE are protected with respect to its confidentiality and integrity.

Fostering interoperability

The information provided by a Teeracle operator can be retrieved by any other blockchain through cross-chain messaging (XCM) or can be written on any other substrate chain. Sharing information with other projects will soon become even easier, as Parity is about to release more efficient cross-chain storage reads.

Who benefits from the Teeracle?

Integritee’s Teeracle framework is relevant to everyone running a DApp that needs information from an external source as well as to everyone who wants to offer market or IOT data in the Polkadot ecosystem. The oracle infrastructure can be operated by individual projects themselves or by 3rd party operators. The integrity of the TEE and code executed within (in this case: the oracle service) is regularly verified on our parachain through a cryptographic proof, a service called remote attestation.

Why choose the Teeracle framework?

By running oracles in TEEs and verifying the services’ integrity, we can offer the security of a decentralized oracle and match the efficiency of a centralized provider. An example use case for the Teeracle that is already running on our network is the query and registration of the USDT/TEER exchange rate. The test use case is already live and smoothly running on our parachain for several months now. The main benefits and features of building a trusted oracle with Teeracle are the following:

  • Timestamped data: Attesting to the information’s actuality.
  • Security: Oracles built with Teeracle run inside a TEE, ensuring the process and data safety.
  • Transparent integrity: The oracle’s integrity is verified and registered on our parachain through decentralized remote attestation, fostering transparency and user trust.
  • Highly customizable: Define the data’s source, type, and schedule flexibly based on your needs.
  • Interoperability: Data retrieved is readily available to all Substrate-based projects, making it interoperable via XCM.

Build with us

We are welcoming the dev community to check out the documentation and the code on GitHub to build the first specific oracles for the whole Dotsama ecosystem with Teeracle. We are happy to support any team who wants to build their own oracles using our Teeracle framework.