Monthly Wrap-Up February 2023: Launching Roadmap, Partnerships and More!

It’s only been two months since the new year started, but we’ve already got a lot of news for you! Besides officially revealing our 2023 roadmap, launching important partnerships, and more. Check out what the team was up to in February!

Business Updates

Roadmap 2023 Release

The 2023 roadmap was finally revealed, and we are excited about what’s ahead! From upcoming partnerships with both Web3 and traditional businesses to product releases and tech development, the team has a lot planned for these coming months. Interested to check it out? Read through our updated roadmap.

Partnering up with OLI Systems

Integritee is teaming up with the German company OLI Systems, which showcases the relevance of our technology for any given use case. OLI is building an energy market solution on Integritee Network by using our SDK and infrastructure, which combines the benefits of blockchain and Confidential Computing. This partnership will enable OLI to offer a LEM solution that’s decentralized as it provides an opportunity for household owners to directly trade electricity with each other.

As you might know, our technology can cover virtually any use case, and this time we’re doing so by teaming up with an enterprise client. They are using blockchain technology to power their services and to deliver innovative solutions for traditional markets. If you want to know more about how Integritee and OLI’s collaboration will work, read here.

Welcoming our Community

We kicked off 2023 with a new podcast series, where our CEO Waldemar Scherer, and Advisor Sergei Medvedev answer the community’s questions, talk about the latest updates and discuss other Integritee and Web3-related aspects.

You can leave your questions on our Discord channel. We will then collect them and reply live on our podcast, so be sure to hit us up once we announce the new date! The next one takes place on March 8, 4:00pm CET, so stay tuned through our social media channels.

Tech Updates

Release of the New SDK Version

Who doesn’t like updates? Our dev team has been busy working on both product development and software improvement to deliver unique, state-of-the-art services. We’ve just released a new version of our Sidechain SDK! Developers creating their own Web3 apps can now make use of the SDK and all its added benefits. To know all the technical details regarding the SDK v0.11.0, read our article on it.