SDK v0.11.0: Increased Performance and Faster Processes

Integritee’s Sidechain Development Kit (SDK) eases the developers’ way into building their own Web3 applications. We released its first version a few months ago and have been working on scaling it up. In February, Integritee’s tech team was able to bring it to a new level: the SDK v0.11.0 comes with increased performance levels and enables faster processes, which saves time and money.

Our SDK is now easier to set up and deploy because there are fewer steps involved. There’s also been an upgrade when it comes to performance. With V.0.11.0, developers can now keep the state in memory, allowing for a massive performance increase, as they won’t have to read and write the state from and to the disk every time.

What’s Changed

We’ve also implemented DCAP attestation, which makes remote attestation — a necessary process when dealing with Trusted Execution Environments — more accessible and decentralized, taking us a step further toward reaching one of blockchain’s goals: decentralization.

Also, developers are now able to send every nth block to the parentchain to confirm finalization. We changed the protocol such that we only send every nth (where n is depending on the sidechain block production rate) to the parentchain. This will also finalize all the sidechain blocks before n. This increases the maximum throughput on our Integritee parachain by a factor of n, additionally reducing the cost of the sidechain transaction fees.

Creating groundbreaking software includes encountering issues, which also means we get to solve them. That’s what happened with a nonce error occurring when the client wanted to send multiple trusted calls in a very short amount of time. We now take pending trusted calls into account when calculating the current nonce for the next trusted call for an account.

If you’re interested in knowing more technical details about this new, updated, and upgraded SDK release, check Integritee’s GitHub entry and start building your Web3 app now!

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