Integritee Network: Roadmap 2023


In this first quarter, we are strongly focusing on finishing and releasing several products, making them available to anyone who’s looking to build on our network, secure a safe development environment, retrieve real-time data with confidentiality, and more.

The launch of Securitee’s Confidential Computing Platform is imminent. Companies can leverage the power of TEEs and deploy custom solutions on a secure and scalable infrastructure within a multitude of use cases. A Sidechain As-a-Service offering will be provided by Securitee later this year to support a quick setup in minutes.

The Attesteer is being released next as Integritee’s decentralized attestation service, an authentication process used to verify the trusted execution environments are genuine and that the information running inside is, in fact, what is supposed to be. The Attesteer combines confidential computing and blockchain technology to deliver a state-of-the-art service for any company which is already using confidential computing.

Integritee’s own trusted oracle framework is also coming soon. The TEEracle bridges the gap between web2 and Web3 and is a trusted oracle that makes Web2 data available to all projects in the Polkadot ecosystem and outside. Integritee’s oracle is relevant to everyone running a DApp that needs information from a trusted oracle and can be self-operated by any project.


In the following quarter, we will be releasing an updated version of our Sidechain SDK, as well as officially introducing the hybrid Sidechain concept. We are also implementing a final fee-burning and lock-drop mechanism as stated in our white paper. We are also working on the concept of EVM-compatible sidechains to widen our ecosystem and make it (even) more interoperable.

On the business side, we are planning to launch a decentralized Governance Platform, with more democratic involvement in mind, and launch a treasury grant program to incentive the development on our network. More XCM integrations and collaborations with other Polkadot projects — are also some of our goals for Q2, so it will be all about ecosystem growth.

We’ve been working with renowned names: web2 companies who wish to enter the Web3 revolution and chose Integritee to do so, and organizations focusing on blockchain looking to enhance their performance by building on Integritee, and using our services. We are planning to deploy the first use cases on our Kusama parachain soon.


Making all our products more developer and user-friendly and growing the ecosystem will remain our main goals for the next months.


In the final phase of 2023, we plan to implement a bridge between both our Kusama and Polkadot parachains, as well as a bridge to other ecosystems to follow the goal of growing our own ecosystem with partners independent of their home chains.