Monthly Wrap-Up January 2023: Slot Swap, Davos Touchdown and Much More

This January, our business specialists were at Davos for WEF while the development team took over technical updates and worked on the upcoming products.

Business Updates

Integritee at the World Economic Forum

Every year, country leaders, renowned speakers, and entrepreneurs get together at the World Economic Forum (WEF), an important event discussing the hottest topics today. Our CEO and CSO, Waldemar Scherer and Christian Junger were at WEF, where they met several people, including those from the blockchain and finance areas. The international forum brings together great minds and many side events, in which Integritee also took part. Our presence in Davos was positive, insightful, and rewarding. Stay tuned for news ahead!

Researching Possibilities

We’ve also been focused on delivering new, insightful content to our community. For that reason, we’ve been to the depths of libraries and the digital realm researching subjects and exploring the newest trends. Our content and communication team has crafted interesting articles regarding important topics, such as how Web3 projects can benefit from artificial intelligence.

We will keep researching and exploring all blockchain related topics to deliver you the best and most updated articles! Know of interesting themes you’d like to see covered by Integritee? Shoot us a message on TwitterTelegram, or Discord, we’re all ears!

Tech Updates

Successful Slot Swap via XCM

We have successfully extended our Kusama slot lease time and swapped the slots via XCM. This makes us proud because swapping through XCM is a pioneering process done by just a couple of other Kusama projects so far — before, it could only be done via governance.

Parachains go through the slot actioning process to acquire a limited-time parachain slot for 48 weeks on Kusama. But what happens after those 48 weeks? The team can go through another actioning process to acquire a new slot, and then the new lease time is transferred to the first slot, which will prolong the time the parachain is allowed to produce blocks. There’s no downtime, nor loss in security, and no external API will know the difference, so nobody is negatively affected.

Historically, this transfer of the slot lease time could only be done through governance. Now, this can be done with XCM, which works as follows: two parachains “tell” the relay chain that they want to exchange slot information. If this request is mutual, the parachain will proceed with the slot lease transfer. Cool, isn’t it? However, this requires quite some implementation effort for the two parachains, and we are proud to announce Integritee is among the firsts who did it via XCM.

Making Remote Attestation More Accessible

Intel will deprecate IAS attestation soon in favor of DCAP — which makes remote attestation much more accessible and decentralized, as Intel is less involved in the process. However, this comes with a downside: the verifier has to implement many more low-level cryptographic checks to verify the remote attestation. We have once again been pioneering with finalizing the implementation of those checks that run completely trustless on the Integritee Parachain! This means Integritee is ready for the next generation of remote attestation, and we’ll have news to share with you soon.

What’s Ahead

Once a month, CEO Waldemar Scherer, and board advisor Sergei Medvedev, will be taking the Discord stage with a podcast about Integritee. The idea is to be closer to our community by giving updates and answering questions related to the tech, the market, the TEER token, and much more. We will be announcing the upcoming live sessions on TwitterDiscord, and Telegram.

Kickstarting the year means the birth of new projects, partnerships, and releases. That’s exactly what we are aiming for these coming months. Our business and tech teams are cooking great things which we will announce in the upcoming weeks, including Integritee’s roadmap for 2023. Stay tuned!