Community Updates: Discord, Twitter Raids & More

Our team will create different types of events and activities for community members to participate in and get rewarded for being active, creative, and engaged within the Integritee community. The Discord server will be our preferred space to host all those activities. What does it look like?

Exp system: Levelling up & being rewarded

You gain exp points simply by chatting with other group members in Discord and participating in other activities supporting Integritee. Levelling up gets you higher in the server role chain, and awards you Point Shop points on a monthly basis.

The following roles are achievable:

@StarTEER — 30 points/month

@PromoTEER — 60 points/month

@ComunicaTEER — 90 points/month

@MinisTEER — 120 points/month

@TEERminator — 300 points/month

Twitter Raids

Raids allow our community members to support Integritee on other social media — mostly Twitter — rewarding the loyal supporters with Discord Points. How does it work?

  1. An @Admin will post a call to raid in a thread attached to the Raids channel
  2. Follow the call and complete all the steps mentioned there (usually, it is a Retweet + Comment to a certain Tweet/Post).
  3. Upload proof of your raid to the related thread (with a screenshot).
  4. When the raid is closed, all the raiders are rewarded with Channel Points!

Content Contribution

You can upload the proofs of your Integritee network contribution in the related Discord channel. Any type of content is allowed: infographics, translations, articles, YouTube videos, and so on! All the content will be used by our Social Media managers and promoters and you’ll be rewarded with Channel Points!

Community events

More interactive community events, including AMA sessions, blockchain workshops, games, and many more will be hosted in the next weeks and months. Created for community members to have a more relaxed and fun environment, the participants will be also rewarded. All events will be announced beforehand.

Discord Point Shop

You can exchange your earned points for $TEER rewards. In the future, other reward options such as Integritee merch might be added!

The community bank for 2023 will have 20.000 $TEER to be distributed to the most active and loyal community members.

Current stock:

1.000 Discord Points — 100 $TEER

500 Discord Points — 40 $TEER

A Safespace for Developers

We’ve also created a closed chat on Discord specially designed for web developers to discuss the technical aspects of Integritee in a private format. There, you’ll be able to discover, explore the technology itself, and ask specific questions in a forum focused on it.

What to expect?

On Twitter, expect to see weekly discussions on related topics such as gaming, fintech, and our technology itself, but also other social media posts, retweets of popular news, polls, and simpler informative posts.

Telegram will be your go-to platform for long-read educational posts where you can learn about our Integritee’s technology, how it works, what we offer, and how developers can leverage from it. We’re also having polls and forums for discussions.

LinkedIn is where we publish current market news, important announcements, and other Integritee-related news.

On Reddit, you can also expect discussions, features, and news.


Join our dynamic and exciting community to learn about the project, explore the ecosystem, spread the word, and discover new cool things! Check out our Discord channel.