2022 at Integritee: Winning Parachains, Hosting Events, Integrating with Projects & Much More

Here’s a look into all that we did last year at Integritee! From winning parachains, to hosting events, there is a lot to be happy for and so more to come.

Business & Ecosystem

Securing Polkadot Parachain Slots

Hard work and commitment earned us not one, but two parachain slots — one on Kusama and more recently, on Polkadot. This was one of the biggest milestones, as it allowed us to step up the game and develop our technology and products further. We launched crowdloan campaigns to which people contributed with KSM/DOT and got rewarded according to a set of rules with our native TEER Token. Thanks to the contributions of 3,000 people on Kusama and 1,215 people who pitched more than 20,000 KSM and 100,000 DOT, we were able to secure both slots.

Getting Listed on Kraken

In June, Integritee got listed on Kraken, one of the world’s biggest crypto exchange platforms. This means you can trade our TEER token on this platform and it became available to millions of traders. If you haven’t checked us there yet, click here.

Spreading the Word

2022 was a strong year for us when it comes to events. Besides attending dozens of crypto and blockchain-related conferences and summits — AmsterDOT, Polkadot Decoded, Asia Crypto Week, and Web Summit, to name a few — Integritee hosted its first networking events in three major cities: Austin, Singapore, and Lisbon.

We’ve also been spreading the word about the project and telling people how privacy and blockchain technology go along so well. 2022 was also the year Integritee was named one of the top 10 most promising startups based in Switzerland by EU-Startups.com, besides taking part in several other lists.

Decentralizing & Integrating

Back in May, we took yet another important step toward the decentralization of Integritee network by removing the SUDO pallet from our parachain and introducing coin voting. This means TEER token holders can now decide on some governance aspects, including voting on important network updates.

Polkadot aims to be an interoperable system at its core, hence the parachains logic. The goal is to have a network of intercommunicable chains, and XCM integrations play an important role in this. In 2022, Integritee successfully completed integrations with other Polkadot projects: Moonriver, Karura, and Bifrost. This means TEER became live and available in these networks. The beauty of such collaborations isn’t just token-related: projects can also leverage each other’s characteristics, use technology, platforms, and much more. We also partnered with Crust, another Polkadot project using Trusted Execution Environments. Combining Integritee’s TEE-based remote attestation service with Crust’s incentive layer protocol for decentralized storage enables web3 gaming developers to build scalable and decentralized solutions powered by confidential data processing and storage. You can read more about it here.

Product & Tech

Migrating to Kusama

We kicked off 2022 with something great: migrating from Solonet to Kusama parachain — Polkadot’s canary network. This opened up new possibilities, enabling us to take tech development and updates to the next level. Migrating to Kusama made a series of advancements possible — related to governance, shared security, technical partnerships, and much more.

Feature-complete sidechains

Back in February, our own Layer 2 offering became available: sidechains. Launching our feature-complete sidechains paved the way for unpermissioned access to trusted execution environments (TEEs) on Substrate blockchains like Polkadot and Kusama through a second-layer network. Other projects and web3 companies can now harness our sidechains to build applications with the added benefit of processing data confidentially. Want to know more about the advantages of our sidechains? Read here.

SDK: Bringing Scalability & Privacy to Web3

Releasing our Software Development Kit was one of our biggest achievements so far. Our tech team worked hard on it, offering web3 developers a powerful, scalable, flexible, and privacy-driven kit to seamlessly build blockchain-based applications in a multitude of areas. If you’re interested in knowing more about it, read Cointelegraph’s article.

This major milestone allows us to provide other projects — in and out of the Polkadot ecosystem — and companies the chance to build an application that leverages the benefits of blockchain technology without its downsides — latency, lack of scalability, and high fees, among others. We believe gaming and metaverses are areas that can greatly benefit from our SDK, as it offers a set of advantages sought after by developers building games and virtual worlds.

Sidechain performance upgrades

A round of applause to Integritee’s developers, who’ve been wading through all the tech and making it better, faster, more scalable, and user-friendly. Some major updates include faster sidechain execution by decoupling the getter execution from the TrustedCalls’ — from 300ms to ~20ms — and improvement of the release process, meaning builders are now much better informed about where we have changes, how big they are, and how easy it is to upgrade to newer versions.

We’ve also reduced the sidechain transaction fee by a factor of 40 by choosing a single finality candidate per parent chain block and were able to update the sidechains’ state by keeping it always as a copy in memory. This will greatly increase the sidechains’ performance, which is great for projects wishing to use them.

2023: A Brief Outlook

We are looking at a full-on year ahead! Besides issuing Treasury grants to expand the startup’s ecosystem and community, we plan to keep up with tech development and foster more partnerships with fellow projects.

The TEEracle — Integritee’s own Web3 oracle — and the AttesTEER — a public auditability service — are going to be released to the public soon, enabling smoother, more transparent, and connected operations.

The TEEracle enables developers to access data from the real world through TEEs which, combined with blockchain technology, solves a series of issues such as non-repudiation. If you’re interested in knowing more about this solution, read this successful use case.

The idea behind the AttesTEER is quite simple: we provide a decentralized, public, and immutable solution to confidential computing users to prove to anyone, what is running within a TEE. If you want to know more about it, stay tuned and follow us.

Interoperable Future

2023 is about synching and partnering up with other blockchain projects, as well as facilitating the use of our technology by developers looking to build web3 applications. We plan to release Hybrid Sidechains and EVM Compatible Sidechains — which will greatly enhance Integritee’s interoperability power.

Since we’ve secured a parachain on Polkadot, we will also be building a TEER bridge between our Kusama and Polkadot parachains, as well as connections to other ecosystems. This will be a huge step towards true interoperability and creating a collaborative network that leverages the benefits of different projects.

Last year, we spent a lot of time building, and we believe this will be the year of adoption and ecosystem growth, unfolding the true potential of our technology!