Monthly Wrap-Up November 2022: Lisbon Happenings, Bifrost Integration & More

Last month went by in a flash! Besides organizing an event in Lisbon, we invested time in tech development and updates.

Business Updates

Networking & Events

In Lisbon for this year’s edition of Web Summit, we decided to organize a networking event at a terrace bar in the city center together with iCandy. Besides connecting with great minds from the blockchain industry, we got to meet new people and have exciting projects. We were also able to get the whole team together for a weekend retreat.

Spreading the word about Integritee and connecting with interesting people is important and that’s why we flew to Berlin for the Next Block Expo, and back to Lisbon for Sub0 at the end of November.

New Advisor Sergei Medvedev

We’re excited for welcoming Sergei Medvedev to our team! With more than 12 years of global business development expertise, the former CBDO of Cointelegraph started his first business in 2009 and now has a leading position in the market with hundreds of developed products for top-tier clients. Read more about Sergei and his contribution to Integritee here.

Integrating with Bifrost

The XCM integration of Integritee and Bifrost enables TEER to be available on Bifrost’s network, therefore allowing TEER token holders to use Bifrost’s DeFi platform for liquidity and swapping features soon. If you want to know more about it, read our article.

Teamwork makes the tech work


We finally finished the compatibility of Securitee’s Platform with Intel SGX2 machines. This was a major technical milestone for the upcoming launch of the Platform, which we believe to be pioneering. This implies that Securitee will soon provide scalable and secure Kubernetes clusters based on Intel SGX machines for the web2 and web3 space.


We’ve also made great improvements on our SDK by keeping the sidechains’ state always as a copy in memory instead of reading from the disk every time. This update will increase the performance by a great margin!


We finally implemented the full DCAP attestation verification for our Integritee Parachain. This was a major process, as we had to implement parsing of the SGX-Collateral ourselves, a very low-level data structure containing data about enclaves. This will allow us to offer decentralized attestation to every user of confidential computing hardware to verify the integrity of the machines.

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We’ve been on the lookout for bright minds to join our hardworking and fun team. Want to know if you’re a good fit? Check here!

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