Monthly Wrap-Up October 2022: Travels, Interviews, Tech Updates & More

October has been all about spreading the Integritee word out there. The team has invested in updating the structure too.

Business Updates

Dubai, Singapore & Portugal

The team flew a lot these past months to take the Integritee word out there. Besides heading to Singapore in September, we were also in Dubai and Portugal in October. Networking has brought us a lot of contacts in the web3 area, as we shared ideas and tell people about the benefits of Integritee as a privacy-driven blockchain network.

Telling the story

Did you know Integritee got featured in Cointelegraph? Yes, that’s right! You can read the full story on how the startup was founded, its main goals, and achievements in the words of the company’s CEO and CTO, Waldemar Scherer, and Alain Brenzikofer.

Waldemar has also been interviewed for Business in Europe, a TV program from the Dutch channel RTL7. Besides explaining what Integritee does and what the team’s goals are, as well as the logic behind our Software Development Kit. Our startup is keen on protecting data while providing scalability at the same time, something that’s essential for developers building decentralized applications. If you’re interested in knowing about how cybercrime and lack of security can really damage companies and economies, take two minutes to watch this feature available here!

Securitee on the Way

Things are also coming together on the Securitee side, especially since we’ve partnered up with one of Europe’s biggest cloud providers, OVHcloud. We’re bringing confidential computing to the next level by offering competitive and unique products, so be sure to stay tuned for upcoming news.

Tech Updates

Sidechain faster execution

As for the sidechain and off-chain worker, Integritee was now able to reduce the latency of TrustedGetter execution from 300ms to ~20ms — this was achieved by decoupling the getter execution from the TrustedCalls’ execution, which forced us to execute them within the next sidechain block production slot.

Sidechain transaction fee reduction

We’ve also reduced the sidechain’s finalization transaction fees by a factor of 40 by choosing a single finality candidate per parent chain block that will finalize all previous ones. This has no finality latency consequences, as the skipped blocks were finalized in the same parent chain block, and hence at the same time, as the finality candidate before.

Release process improvement

On the Release Process side, an automated and curated release process for the SDK changelog was created — which means that builders are now much better informed about where we have changes, how big they are, and how easy it is to upgrade our SDK.

Don’t Miss a Thing

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