Monthly Wrap-Up August 2022

This August, our tech team was busy distributing TEER rewards to our crowd loan contributors, testing our sidechains’ performance, and working on some very exciting things. We’ve also announced a partnership with Crust Network, and took some time to meet and discuss future deals with other projects. Check out what we’ve been up to!

Giving back to our community

After winning a parachain on Polkadot, it was time to give our crowd lenders their well-deserved TEER tokens. Those who took part in our Polkadot crowd loan can now check their rewards online. Don’t know how? In this article, we explain how to see your TEER.

Crust Partnership: Making our way into true interoperability

On the business side, we’re happy to announce we’ve partnered with another blockchain project also using Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs), Crust Network. The idea of this partnership is to offer web3 games and metaverse projects the chance to build solutions that are scalable and decentralized with the assurance that user and application data will be kept confidential and secure. You can read all about this partnership here.

Blockchain features & Benchmarking

Our tech team has been putting a lot of work into developing Integritee’s sidechains, which also testing them. We’ve come up with some benchmarking results and shared them with all of you a few days ago. Haven’t checked them yet? Click here to stay in the loop!

We’ve also published Blockchain: Back to Basics, an article highlighting this technology’s main features and showcasing its benefits, also mentioning why and how Integritee leverages it. This is the ideal read to send to friends and family who think blockchain is just a set of blocks.

Stay in the loop

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