The Integritee Polkadot Crowdloan Campaign Starts Today!

It’s auction time at Integritee! We are happy to announce our Polkadot crowdloan campaign starts today, bidding for the lease periods 9–16. Crowdloans are essential to help projects reach the next level, and we are now looking to secure a parachain on Polkadot. This will provide us with new and important tools to keep up the good work.

Our community matters and that’s why we are rewarding all contributors with TEER tokens. Everyone with DOT can participate and there are many ways — and platforms — where you can do it. For every DOT you bond in support of Integritee, you’ll get 2.5 TEER.

Here is a sum of all the rewards on offer for the current lease period:

All TEER rewards except guaranteed rewards are subject to linear vesting over the 96 weeks of lease periods 9–16.

To learn more about how to back Integritee in the upcoming Polkadot auctions, visit our dedicated crowdloan page and follow us on Telegram or Twitter for the latest updates.