Monthly Wrap-Up June 2022: Kraken listing, Talking at Polkadot Decoded & More!

There is no summer slowdown at Integritee! Besides participating in big international events, our team has been busy with tech development, business meetings, and community connections. Keep reading and see what we’ve been up to in June.

Celebrating major achievements:

Kraken is listing TEER

We are proud to tell you all that we’ve made it into Kraken, one of the world’s biggest crypto exchange platforms! Everyone can now trade Integritee’s token (TEER) on this platform, which opens our doors into a whole new world. If you haven’t checked us on Kraken yet, just click here.

xcTEER token now available on Moonriver

Another great June achievement is Integritee’s XCM integration with Moonriver, another Kusama project. Thanks to our tech team’s efforts, our token is now available to be used across Moonriver’s active DeFi ecosystem. This represents yet another milestone for us toward interoperability between parachains. Read through our article to better understand what this integration means for us, our clients, and our partners.

Flying high at Polkadot Decoded

The biggest Polkadot Decoded took place last Wednesday and Thursday (June 29 and 30), and our CEO, Waldemar Scherer, took the stage to showcase Integritee and explain how the gaming industry can benefit from our tech. You can watch Waldemar’s talk here.

Hundreds of people joined this mega-event in person and thousands online to know the juiciest news about the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems. Our team got the chance to meet a lot of people, but also network and discover other exciting projects. The dust hasn’t settled yet and we are eager to know what comes next! Polkadot Decoded allowed us the opportunity to connect with other major players and explore interesting partnerships.

Consensus 2022 & Networkd at Austin

Since we were going to be in Austin for Consensus 2022, our team organized a side event to spread out Integritee’s word. That’s how Networkd, our very first event, was born. Besides some good old friends and business partners, we met up with new acquaintances, and lots of blockchain enthusiasts, discovered exciting projects, and discussed new adventures.

Learn about decentralization

Decentralization is a big deal in the blockchain ecosystem. Last month, we took important steps toward that goal: Enabling coin voting and removing the SUDO pallet on our Kusama parachain. We’ve also published an article explaining why these are so relevant in the Dotsama universe and what it means for us in a broader sense. Read through to understand what decentralization is all about.

Don’t forget to vote!

The deadline for the TOP 100 Swiss Startups public voting is almost up, so hurry and put your ballot in for Integritee until July 17! Everyone with a LinkedIn account is allowed one vote to choose the most innovative Swiss startups, so be sure to participate and help us reach the top. The awards ceremony takes place on September 7, 2022.

Integritee is also in the race for an Innovation Award at the WorldFestival 2022 Startup Awards — blockchain and cryptocurrency category. Click here to vote for us. It takes less than a minute! Taking place online on August 3 and 4, 2022, this is the largest event of its kind and aims to recognize and promote innovation across the globe within a community of 30,000+ voting on thousands of startups, companies, and cutting-edge technologies. Check more information about it here.