Monthly Wrap-Up May 2022: Decentralization, International Events, Virtual Worlds & Much More

May has taken us further toward full decentralization, while also advancing discussions of the benefits and challenges of blockchain gaming, expanding our presence in the real and virtual worlds, and more! Keep scrolling to find out what we’ve been up to last month and where we’ve made our mark in the media.

SUDO out. Decentralization in.

This May, we took an important step towards the decentralization of Integritee by removing the SUDO pallet from our parachain. TEER token holders are now the ones who decide on governance, which is a big deal for us, as it allows the Integritee network to leverage the advantages of decentralization.

SUDO’s removal was attained through a fair voting system made possible by an update of the protocol that was released a week before on our Kusama parachain. This new governance structure enables TEER holders to vote on important topics, such as updates and more.

3rd Ajuna Event: Exploring the advantages and challenges of blockchain gaming

We’ve just released the latest Ajuna Event featuring Alain Brenzikofer – Integritee’s Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer – and Cédric Decoster, Co-Founder & CEO of Ajuna. In this chat, both explore the benefits and challenges of blockchain gaming, as well as how it can improve with time and effort.

We organized this informal events series with our GameFi partner Ajuna to foster knowledge and engagement amongst fellow blockchain developers, enthusiasts, and gamers. If you’re interested in knowing more about how Integritee and Ajuna are taking gaming to the next level, check the Integritee Official and Ajuna Network Telegram channels.

Say hello to the Kusamaverse (and in the Kusamaverse!)

If you are a fan of video games and cyber realities, here’s some great news: the Kusamaverse – Kusama network’s own virtual world – was launched on May 24 and there’s an Integritee space where you can check our basic info, chat with us and much more. The Kusamaverse is a 3D virtual space where users can explore different ecosystems and discover the details of each project included in it. Pretty cool, right? Check out our space and have fun.

The talk of the town

Data privacy has become an increasingly hot topic, not only in the tech industry but among web users in general. People worry about their personal information’s safety and raising questions about how to protect it. At Integritee, we believe in the primacy of cybersecurity.

Tech Times investigates the problem in this article and mentions Integritee, explaining how we are truly invested in finding new ways of protecting people’s data through different blockchain solutions. Newsbit has also published an article (in Dutch) to help readers understand what we do. They also detail the specific use of TEER tokens and their importance as a governance tool.

Tokens are frequently linked to the crypto market, but in truth, they are also essential for the functioning of decentralized blockchain systems. If you want to know more, read through our Complete Guide to TEER Tokens.

Vote for Integritee in the 100 Top Swiss Startups!

The TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award 2022 is open for public voting until July 17. The best news is that Integritee has made it onto the – The Swiss Startup Radar  list, which means you can now vote for us!

This award showcases the most innovative and promising Swiss companies in a range of industries from biotechnology to engineering, fintech to security (the group we are included in). Each LinkedIn user has one vote to choose the 10 most innovative Swiss startups. Vote for Integritee here.

Integritee Awarded at the Hannover Fair

Our business development team was at the Hannover Messe exploring a whole new world of possibilities. We are very proud to announce that Securitee (Integritee’s subsidiary) was granted the Rising Star Award by OVHcloud. This is a true honor and a great achievement for us.

This was definitely one of May’s highlights! Besides presenting a talk on confidential computing, and networking with industry contacts, our team also had fruitful meetings with potential new partners. Our experience at the Hannover fair confirmed what we already knew: confidential computing is heavily needed across several industries and disciplines.

Chief Strategy Officer, Christian Junger, held the presentation “Confidential Computing – The Future of Secure Data Processing” at the OVH exhibition stand, giving fair attendees the chance to discover the advantages of confidential computing, and how Integritee is protecting data through blockchain technology and TEEs.

Iman Alwan: Congrats are in order

We would also want to congratulate Iman Alwan – our Strategic Executive Assistant – on receiving the International Academy of Financial Crime Litigators’ inaugural Award of Recognition. Iman was distinguished for being a “magnificent ally and advocate” of the academy, and we are very proud and honored to have her on our team.

Sticker competition: Congrats to the winners!

The results are finally in! We thank our community for taking the time and effort to create these cool stickers. They will now become part of Integritee’s marketing materials, which we will take with us wherever we go. Our three winners are kent, jomarb, and JusBeHappyAlways. Once again, thank you all for participating and voting!

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