Monthly Wrap-Up March 2022: Migrating to Kusama & Building Our Community

A quarter of the way through 2022, with our technical team working steadily to prepare for migrating our solo network to Kusama, we are making strong progress on community building and raising Integritee’s profile. Here’s what has been keeping us busy in March.

Talking it out

In an informal events series with our GameFi partner Ajuna, we’ve been covering topics ranging from a breakdown of what makes decentralized gaming different (and the new opportunities they present), to a more personal take on gaming.

If you want to learn about our collaboration, or see the two teams battle it out for gaming glory, watch the Integritee Official and Ajuna Network Telegram channels for the release.

Vote for Integritee to present at Polkadot Decoded 2022

We will also be attending a number of blockchain events in the coming months. Our Chief Strategy Officer, Christian Junger, is currently at Bitcoin 2022 in Miami. We have submitted three proposals for Polkadot Decoded 2022 in Berlin and will attend the event in person. The event schedule will be curated by the community using Polkadot’s voting mechanisms.

Looking ahead, we have the chance to present to a global audience at Polkadot Decoded. The event schedule will be curated by the community using Polkadot’s voting mechanisms. We’ve submitted three proposals. If you’d like the world to hear more about the future of privacy on Polkadot, or about the nitty-gritty of scaling Polkadot projects, or even join in a workshop learning how to build your own dApp on the Integritee sidechain – or all three! – please vote. You can stake your support for our presentation by our CSO Christian Junger here, our tech talk by our co-founder Alain Brenzikofer here, or our workshop by our lead architect Christian Langenbacher here.

Rewarding our cheerleaders

Throughout March, juicy TEER rewards motivated our community to stir some buzz in the form of our content competition (which focused on video for the month) and bounty campaign that rewarded supporters for all kinds of social media activity. You can read all the details of that here, and go over to Telegram to see the video entries.

We’re hiring!

We are expanding our operations and hiring for five new positions in our Lisbon office. If you’re in Portugal and have experience in operational management, RUST development, or DevOps, please apply. For those with other strengths, or if you’re looking for a less formal relationship, remember we are still recruiting for our Ambassador Program – it’s a way to get involved directly in building our success, with generous TEER token rewards.

The world is getting to know us

We published two articles in March to convey the strengths of the Integritee data privacy solution. On Techbullion, Waldemar explained why multi-factor authentication will always be open to manipulation, no matter how advanced the tech is. And this in-depth look at the privacy problem in wearables sets out a strong use case for Integritee’s platform.

Meanwhile, following the partnership deal between our subsidiary Securitee and Europe’s leading cloud platform, OVHCloud published an in-depth look at our TEE-based solution to the challenge of protecting data in use: you can read it here.

Finally, the Web3 development community Club3 invited Alain to discuss data privacy at their next monthly event, on April 5. If you’re in the Zurich area, why don’t you come along?


We have a number of business and technical milestones on the horizon. By the end of Q2, we will open up to our first fee-paying customers, who will use TEER to access Integritee sidechains, trusted oracles, or off-chain workers. This promises to add inherent value to the Integritee ecosystem.

On the communications side, we are working on a number of different print articles and podcasts that will be published in April.

If you want to join team Integritee please check our LinkedIn for current job openings or apply to our Ambassador program! We want you!

Remember to follow us on LinkedIn for all our business news and industry insights. For technical updates and token news, watch our Twitter and Telegram channels. And of course, we’ll keep you posted right here on Medium with regular updates.