What Should Integritee Present at Polkadot Decoded 2022? You Decide.

Integritee makes it easy for developers to create dapps and services in the Polkadot ecosystem that protect the privacy of users. We have had a long connection with Polkadot and Kusama; in 2019 and 2020, we received grants from the Web3 Foundation and Polkadot Treasury to develop the first links to trusted execution environments (TEEs). Since then, we have expanded our work within the ecosystem, culminating in our successful bid to secure a Kusama parachain for Integritee via crowdloan this January.

Polkadot Decoded — A Decentralized Web3 Conference

Given this connection, Polkadot Decoded 2022, which is billed as the conference on all things Polkadot, seems like an obvious fit for Integritee. This year, the event has adopted a hybrid format encompassing both in-person events — held in Berlin, Mexico City, New York, and Shanghai — and online live streams.

True to Polkadot’s decentralized DNA, the event program will be partially curated by the community. Individuals and teams seeking to make presentations at the event needed to submit an outline of what they wish to present by March 21st. Now comes the community vote, where everybody can have their say on what they want to hear by voting in favor of specific proposals.

How to vote for us?

  • Here you find our three proposal. Since you can vote for a maximum of three talks per category – you don’t need to choose. You can attend all our events.
  • Once you’re done, scroll down and click the Finalize Vote button to see your selected talks, then click on the Vote Now button to submit.
  • The voting is open until April 14th.

Integritee’s Proposals – From Big Picture Presentation to Hands-On Workshop

Integritee has submitted the following three proposals for inclusion at Polkadot Decoded:

The Future of Privacy on Polkadot (Category: Polkadot in Action)

There has been a legitimate backlash in recent years against Big Tech firms that have failed to protect user data. Almost every week, more reports emerge about hacks, data breaches, and dumps where more sensitive user data is exposed. Polkadot promises greater trust, but what about privacy?

Imagine you could turn any application into private mode. In this presentation, our Chief Strategy Officer, Christian Junger, explores how the security of Polkadot can be linked with the confidentiality of trusted execution environments (TEEs) to make this vision a reality.

How Polkadot Projects Can Scale Independently on Layer 2 Sidechains (Category: Tech Talk)
By validating multiple parachains in parallel, Polkadot delivers highly competitive scalability. But some applications require even more throughput and faster confirmation times. In addition, certain dapps may need to scale independently from the rest of a parachain. In this tech deep dive, our co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Alain Brenzikofer, discusses how sidechains can dramatically improve performance, enabling sub-second block times and allowing dapps to be deployed on independent shards.

How to create your own scalable and confidential blockchain extensions with Integritee (Category: Workshop)

You are convinced of the potential of privacy-preserving Web3 apps and services. Now it’s time to start building. In this workshop, our lead developer Christian Langenbacher explains how you can get your own Integritee sidechain up and running with a few lines of code. He will explain the structure of the codebase and the role of the underlying technology, Intel SGX. After the workshop, you will have all the knowledge you need to develop a customized sidechain.

Want to help grow the value of the Integritee network by enabling us to reach a wider audience at Polkadot Decoded 2022? Then vote for us here on your favorite topic. For all other updates on Integritee news and events, make sure to follow us on TelegramTwitter, and LinkedIn.