Monthly Wrap-Up February 2022: A New Listing, Sidechains & Other Updates

Business expansion, an exchange listing, and feature-complete sidechains: this is just a small sample of the Integritee news this month. Indeed, things have been developing extremely rapidly in February across all areas of the Integritee project, so we thought it might be a good time to pause and take stock. This post takes a look at the most important updates regarding our technology, token, and business this month.

Technical Milestones

Integritee migration to Kusama parachain

After securing a Kusama slot in January, our parachain went live and started producing blocks on February 21. Now, the next task is to migrate our solo network to the parachain. It is important that we get the details right to make the move as seamless as possible. For this reason, we are working with Parity Technologies to assist us in seeding our new parachain and preparing for the migration, which we expect to be completed by March.

Sidechains now feature-complete

Our other significant technical milestone this month is that Integritee sidechains are now feature-complete. The key accomplishment here is that our second-layer sidechains can now support multiple validators, rather than a single validator working alone. In the short term, this improves the robustness and reliability of our sidechains, since if one validator is offline, others can take over. In the medium term, it lays the groundwork for a future of unpermissioned access to trusted execution environments (TEEs) on Web3 systems via a fast, second-layer network. We have now moved into the final stage of sidechain development before launch — optimizing, stress-testing, and benchmarking. For more detail on our sidechains, read this post, or for a deep dive into how to work with them, watch this demo video.

TEER Token News

We achieved one of our most important objectives in January by securing a Kusama parachain slot. But it was only possible thanks to the fantastic support from Integritee crowdloan backers across the globe who staked KSM in support of our parachain bid. We’re proud to have offered one of the highest rewards to our backers of all campaigns – as you can see for yourself here. On February 21 came the time to give back, when we issued the TEER rewards to our supporters. These rewards will be unlocked automatically, block by block, over the 48-week Kusama lease period. Prior to our parachain migration in March, supporters can view their rewards on our solo chain. Once the move is complete, they will remain accessible in polkadot.js apps by navigating to “Kusama & Parachains” and selecting “Integritee Network”.

TEER listed on MEXC Global

TEER is now accessible to 6 million MEXC users in 200 countries after the token was listed on the platform on February 15. MEXC describes itself as the “first user-friendly cryptocurrency service provider”, and offers tailored support to users in local languages. The listing will increase the availability of TEER to early adopters of the Integritee platform in advance of our parachain migration next month.

Business Updates

Securitee partners with Europe’s leading cloud provider

Integritee is broadening its market reach through Securitee, a Berlin-based subsidiary, focussing on offering confidential computing infrastructure to enterprise clients. Our sister company has now forged a partnership with OVHcloud, Europe’s leading cloud provider, to provide confidential computing solutions to its clients.

Integritee in the spotlight

In early February, we were proud to be named as one of the top 10 most promising startups based in Switzerland by The selection focused on factors like innovation, growth rate, funding, and market size. In particular, the Integritee network was praised for bridging the gap between TEEs and decentralized networks. We are also proud to have been highlighted in this CryptoWise video as a project with great potential and sound underlying value – thank you Milton for setting out so clearly why Integritee is one to back.

Help Integritee shine!

Finally, our Ambassador Program is still open to new applicants – it’s a way to get involved directly in building our success, using your special skills and strengths, with generous TEER token rewards. We are also hiring a content manager in our Lisbon office, so if you’re in Portugal and you have a way with (English) words, please apply.

That’s it – we are very satisfied with the pace of our development at the moment and look forward to an equally busy March. For all the latest business updates about Integritee, follow us on LinkedIn. For technical updates and token news, make sure to also keep an eye on our Twitter and Telegram channels.