Enterprise-Focused Securitee Expands Integritee’s Ecosystem

Integritee is tackling the traditional enterprise market with a new subsidiary company, Securitee, a cutting-edge confidential computing service that provides unparalleled security for either hosted or on-premises data processing.

Securitee, based in Berlin, offers scalable confidential computing infrastructure to meet the emerging data needs of enterprises seeking robust security and confidentiality. This perfectly complements Integritee’s decentralized platform and will form a gateway to our blockchain solution, promoting broader adoption of both blockchain and trusted execution environments (TEEs) among traditional enterprises.

Securitee’s patented technology is harnessed to our TEE offering to provide unrivaled security for data in use as well as at rest, making it easy for organizations to achieve GDPR compliance.

Securitee provides a confidential computing solution as infrastructure for TEEs, which is complementary to our decentralized attestation services. Together both offerings can cover a wider range of use cases in both blockchain and traditional industries, enabling us to cater to a wider audience and strengthen our position in the market.

CEO and co-founder of Integritee, Waldemar Scherer

As rapid innovation generates both ever more data, and more opportunities from the insights that data can provide – while privacy moves up the public agenda – impenetrable security is becoming a business-critical need. Our technology, harnessing the benefits of Integritee in an off-chain solution, provides an ideal user-friendly, flexible solution for any company.

Christian G. Junger, CEO and founder of Securitee