Introducing the Integritee Ambassador Program

We are rewarding our most active community members with TEER tokens. How? Check out this article and learn how you can contribute to Integritee and get rewarded for it!

Data leaks, hacks, constant surveillance — the consequences of centralized data services affect us all. At Integritee, our mission is to change that, by putting users back in the driving seat and providing the technical foundation for secure, powerful data services that respect user privacy.

If you feel as passionate about these issues as we do, maybe you should join the Integritee Ambassador Program. The Integritee Ambassador Program celebrates our most engaged and active community members and rewards them for their contributions with TEER tokens.

Contributions can come in many different forms — pretty much anything that enriches the Integritee ecosystem and community. Perhaps you are a great networker and know about other blockchain projects that we could team up with to expand our reach. Or maybe you have a talent for communication and can explain the underlying tech and concepts using infographics, videos, or articles. We’re open to all contributions in the following areas:

  • Business Developers – organizing collaborations with other projects and teams. Developing Integritee by creating new ecosystem integrations.
  • Community Developers – inviting new members, supporting the community by responding to questions, and posting information.
  • Content Developers – creating articles, videos, explainers, or infographics.
  • Tech Developers – building features on top of Integritee that are open-source and for the common good.
  • Education and Tech Docs – creating technical documentation and explaining complex concepts with simple and accessible language.
  • Your Vision – Did we forget something? Pitch us your idea about how to develop Integritee. We’re open to new and creative ideas!

To apply to join the ambassador program, fill out the form here. If you are accepted and complete an induction period, you will be eligible for TEER token rewards. Remember that there will only be 10 million TEER tokens in total in circulation across the entire Integritee ecosystem.

Ready to join a vibrant and rapidly growing international community committed to building a better web? Ready to be rewarded for your contributions with TEER tokens? Sign up for the Integritee Ambassador Program here.