All Systems Go: Mainnet, Token Sale and TEER Giveaway!

At Integritee, we have been planning around two primary goals: to meet our roadmap commitment for an exchange listing of TEER in the final quarter of 2021 and to meet the demand for Integritee’s privacy-preserving data services by releasing our mainnet. It’s encouraging to know that our partners and clients already see the benefit of our technology and are eager to establish their dApps on our platform.  

The Integritee mainnet will go live this week

We will launch our mainnet this week as a solo platform until we secure a Kusama parachain. Of course, we will relaunch our crowdloan campaign after the listing and we will count on your support at that time. By then, the TEER token will be an actively traded asset, so it will be easy to gauge the value of your rewards. Launching our mainnet and our TEER Token is a huge milestone for Integritee and brings us closer to our core mission of providing our customers with private and secure data processing capabilities in a decentralized manner.

Something to shout about: extra TEER for our community

As the TEER token launch approaches, we want to show our appreciation to the community. In the coming week, we will be hosting a community AMA on our official Telegram channel with our co-founder Waldemar Scherer. And we have also set aside 2,000 TEER for a giveaway during the event — that’s 50 TEER each for 40 winners — ahead of our IEO and token sale. Maybe some of that is for you! Here’s how to enter.

With Guaranteed Rewards, our backers can’t lose

We are proud of the tremendous support we have received from backers globally in our first two crowdloan campaigns. As a mark of our appreciation for your continued support, we initiated Guaranteed TEER Token Rewards. We will issue a detailed article over the next few days to outline how these rewards will be distributed. In addition, TEER rewards from other initiatives — such as lotteries and community giveaways — will be distributed in the coming week.

TEER prepares for take-off

Our token listing is scheduled for Wednesday, December 1. Remember that TEER is a utility token that grants access to our privacy-preserving data processing services, as well as giving token holders governance rights on the Integritee parachain in the future. As we get closer to our listing date, we will keep you informed and share more information.

Token Sale: Get some TEER early

Since our token listing is around the corner, make sure you don’t miss out on our token sale. KSM Starter, a launchpad for the Kusama network, will be hosting the sale on November 30th that will occur on the Moonriver network. Keep an eye on Integritee and KSM Starter social media channels for the latest updates. We will announce whitelisting possibilities and a detailed time frame over the course of the next few days.