Integritee and Fractal Team Up for Fair Data Exchange

Two Web3 champions unite to put users in control of their own data, reversing the exploitation of mainstream free internet services.

A new partnership between privacy-focused platform Integritee and open-source protocol Fractal brings a fair, open data market a step closer. Fractal aims to define a basic standard for user-controlled, incentivized data exchange, reversing the privacy problems of the established free Internet on a transparent, trustless platform. This goal is closely aligned with Integritee’s pursuit of insight without access, and by working together, the two companies will be able to offer transformative secure data services.

Fractal has already introduced digital ID products (the Fractal ID and Fractal Wallet) that restore user privacy through decentralization and is now focused on building a privacy-enabled infrastructure to establish a data commons that will allow users to share and monetize their own data on their own terms. Integritee’s TEE-secured Polkadot parachain network offers privacy at scale, making it possible for Fractal to extend its reach to enterprise use cases.

With its scalable privacy solution that provides insight without access, Integritee is the perfect partner to extend our reach to enterprise. Together we will create private, fast, secure data services that change the bargain made with the free internet – users will be able to take back control.

Fractal’s CEO, Julian LeitloffFractal and Integritee share a passion for privacy and a determination to use decentralized networks to establish consent for data usage. We are ready to create a safer, better, fairer internet together.

Integritee’s co-founder and CEO, Waldemar Scherer


About Fractal

Fractal Protocol aims to facilitate a data commons that allows individuals to control and monetize their own data, rather than leaving them open to exploitation by big tech platforms. The protocol incorporates incentives into a transparent, decentralized architecture that benefits advertisers and publishers as well as users. The Fractal ID and Fractal Wallet tackle businesses’ compliance, on-boarding, and customer retention challenges while putting customers in charge of their data.


About Integritee

In development since 2018, Integritee AG’s solution enables sensitive business or personal data to be securely handled in an interoperable blockchain ecosystem. Using a hybrid of blockchain technology and hardware-enabled trusted execution environments, it enables businesses to securely process sensitive data, aiding compliance with privacy laws like GDPR.